Educators Against Antisemitism

 Our Mission is to call attention to antisemitism and root it out through education.

About Us

Educators Against Antisemitism is a grassroots organization of stakeholders within the field of education, united to address growing concerns of antisemitism within public schools. 

We are committed to the eradication of racism, antisemitism and hatred in all its forms. We are dedicated to creating safe public school learning environments through education and community leadership.


EAA was formed in response to a tangible and statistical rise in antisemitic events globally and locally, coinciding with violent clashes in Israel-Palestine. Data on antisemitic incidents - physical and online - has been shown to increase globally in conjunction with tensions in the Middle East, making it clear that antizionism and antisemitism are correlated. It is therefore imperative that, when discussing the crisis in the Middle East in our classrooms, a variety of perspectives are presented to students, grounded in historical fact.


Membership includes, but is not limited to, teachers, administrators, social workers, psychologists, child/youth workers, educational assistants, secretarial staff, custodians, students, parents, and more. 

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