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Supporting Israel Means Supporting Indigenous Rights 

The Tribal Case for Israel

Under the common-sense definition of Indigenous set forth in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the only living people who are uniquely indigenous to the land of Israel are Jews. The evidence of Jewish indigeneity in the land of Israel is as obvious as the presence of ancient mikvot (ritual baths) and ancient Jewish coins that have been discovered all over Israel, and the Arch of Titus in Rome, which depicts the siege of Jewish Jerusalem. Read more HERE.

Setting the Record Straight on Jews and Indigeneity

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) recognizes that that there are generally accepted principles that are inclusive enough to accommodate the diversity of Indigenous Peoples around the world. These principles include:

It is abundantly clear the Jewish People are indeed Indigenous to the historic Land of Israel. Read more HERE.

A portion of the Arch of Titus, depicting the Roman siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. 

Are Jews Indigenous to the Land of Israel?

As an indigenous activist—I am a Métis from the Paddle Prairie Metis settlement in Alberta, Canada—there is one question I am most often asked by the public, one that can instantly divide a community due to its intense and arduous subject matter. Yet, regardless of the scenario, each time I hear the words, “Are Jews the indigenous people of Israel?” I’m inclined to answer not only with my heart but with the brutal, honest truth, backed by indisputable, thousands-year-old historical and archaeological fact: yes.  Read more HERE.

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10 Ways to Have Conscientious Conversations on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The past weeks have seen a steep increase in antisemitism related to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. To be sure, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always engendered strong emotions and differences of opinion and such disagreements are naturally heightened at a time of crisis. Injecting bigotry into any conversation, analyses, policies, reporting — whether antisemitism or Islamophobia — only exacerbates conflict.  Invoking antisemitic tropes and myths can be harmful to all of society by allowing hate to become corrosive, and intolerance to go unchecked. This can foment bias and lead to more violence, distort reality, and derail otherwise productive conversations, undermining our ability to resolve the issues that can end the conflict. 

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